3 Storytelling Strategies To Adopt In Your Next Concert

Many artist use gigs and concerts to give context to the music. It is a chance to establish a relationship with fans, foster that relationship and to share a little bit more about who you are as an artist.  There is a gentle balance between too much story telling and just enough music, here are some tips to help navigate storytelling on stage.

1. Forge a relationship with the audience

When a fans go to a concert it is to experience the music and the artist in a new way. Storytelling is a unique way to differentiate between the experiences. It creates an automatic relationship with that group of people. The Script started their concert off strong by greeting everyone and reminiscing about the last time they were in the city. The fans were hooked from that moment forward.

2. Share relevant stories

Although most fans will accept any story about the musician, relevant stories will make the most of the time given to the artist.  Stories pertaining to the song that was just played or will be played will be the best. Hozier described the scene he imagined as he wrote the song, “In a Week”. This gives the audience more understanding and depth to the song, creating a bigger impact when they hear it.

3. Learn to balance between music and storytelling

Although context for songs, and enlightening the fan base where some songs came from it is important to learn the balance between stories and music. At the end of the day people attend concerts to hear the music and the stories are supplemental to something they already love.  Not every song needs context and a story, some are fine on their own.

The next time you are performing remember that some songs are enhanced by the story that surrounds them while others are best left uncommented on. At the end of the day, fans are at gigs because they already love the music so be sure to give them what they want!

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