3 Marketing Approaches for Musicians

Social media platforms are usually the “go-to” promotional spot for many artists but it’s important to keep in mind the plenty of options available. The more flexible you are with your marketing, the better! Here are a few ways to started through different outlets.

Music Magazines

Use the search engines to connect with music magazines and find contact information. Look for the editors and ask them to review your music. Be sure to contact them early, at least a few months before your major album release. Provide them with a preview version to write about and give them enough time before hitting the printing press!

Internet Radio Stations

If you’ve attempted major radio stations and haven’t gotten the response you’re looking for, do not worry! There are many online that still receive high-level streaming and will probably even pay royalties to you. Look for the ones listed on SoundExchange. Again, use the search engines to your advantage. Google works wonders for finding specific information, so you shouldn’t have a problem. Once you’ve found your preferred station, learn how to become a strong candidate and follow the steps required to submit your music.


The first thing to do is to gather a list of your local sponsors and start calling them. Beer companies, for example, have played a major role in supporting many musicians. Find the local distributor of the beer you’d like to be sold at your shows. In addition, look into food companies and other types of sponsors you can think of. Once you’ve found one, put together a package. This package should include: the band logo and logo of the business you’re pitching, summary of what you’re asking for, what you plan to do for the sponsor, and the specified time period (do you need them for just one show, for a whole tour, or for your entire career?).

These tasks seem like a lot of work, but the steps are fairly simple. Avoid getting stuck on just one method and take advantage of the many different platforms available to you.

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