3 Powerful Lessons Content Creators Can Learn from Pink

At Promolta we do a lot of case studies about successful creators and share key lessons.

Today’s subject is P!nk. She has 12.4M YouTube subscribers, 8.6B lifetime views, and a $200M net worth.

Here are 3 important lessons from her success.

1. Try everything

You should do everything possible to get your content noticed and to get the right people on your team.

For example, P!nk got her band signed by a record label just by cold mailing her demo. Meaning she RANDOMLY mailed her demo to a label and got signed (see here). Thus, you should do everything in your power to make your content more popular and to pursue important folks who can help you.

Photo by JohnLill

2. Carefully weigh your choices

P!nk used to be part of a music group called “Choice.” The record label later gave her an ultimatum to either go SOLO or go home.

Meaning this is an artist who was forced to either LEAVE her group in order to stay with the label or STAY with the group but without a backer. She chose to go solo and blew up. Her 1st single “There you go” hit top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Thus, the small choices you make today can have major consequences in the near future.

Photo by Erntheredmc

3. Study other performers

Every video you watch and everything you see should be inspiration for your content. For example, when P!nk went to a Cher concert she noticed the incredible acrobatic performances the dancers were doing.

P!nk then took action and also started doing insane acrobatics during her shows (see here). She basically hangs from a fabric and does lots of crazy moves while singing. Thus, study other creators and see what you can pull away to make your content even better.

Never give up.

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