3 New Ways To Understand Your Reach On YouTube

Recent updates to the YouTube Creator Studio have made it even easier to get an understanding of who’s watching your videos. These new metrics, which will be available to everyone soon, give you a deeper look at your video analytics.

Here are three new ways to understand your reach on YouTube.

1. Impressions tell you how many users see your video thumbnails.

The number of impressions a video has is equal to the number of viewers who saw its thumbnail. Because each impression is a chance for a new viewer to discover your video, your impressions give you a good idea of your potential reach on YouTube.

To get more impressions, learn more about how the YouTube algorithm works to suggest videos to viewers.

2. The impressions click-through rate translates impressions into views.

Impressions give you an idea of your potential reach, but your impression click-through rates demonstrate your actual reach. This metric will tell you what percentage of those impressions resulted in a viewer actually clicking on your video.

Use your impression click-through rates to help determine what kind of thumbnails work best for your channel.

3. Unique views show you how many individual viewers watched each video.

Have you ever wondered how many of your subscribers are actually watching your videos, not counting replays? Well, thanks to unique views, you can now estimate how many individual viewers are watching your videos over a certain period of time.

Unique views count each viewer once, regardless of how many devices that person watched from or if he or she watched multiple videos. Use this number to compare your audience size to your subscriber count.

Understanding your analytics helps you understand your audience. Check out the latest updates to the YouTube Creator Studio to get a deeper look at the viewers who are watching your videos.

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