3 New Ways To Promote Your YouTube Videos With Social Media

Social media was made for sharing what you love. However, before someone can love you video enough it share it, he or she has to find it first. Here are three new ways to get viewers who will love your content by promoting your videos with social media.

1. Start a trending hashtag.

From Twitter trending topics to the latest viral Facebook story, anyone can capture the world’s attention with the right number of clicks. To start a trending hashtag, be clever, be different, and be outrageous.

To get a few ideas, just look at the trending topics on any of your social media pages. Then, think about something that will get people’s attention and get them to your videos. It should be broad enough to appeal to a wide audience but specific enough that it can only lead back to you, such as a joke that audiences will only get if they watch a specific video. Be sure to link your video in the original tweet or post.

Late night host Jimmy Fallon is a master of trending hashtags. His strategy is to create a hashtag that everyone can participate in, such as #MyWeirdWaiter or #MyHometownIsWeird.

2. Cross-promote with other content creators.

A collaboration video doesn’t necessarily require that you create something with another content creator. Oftentimes, rising YouTube stars will team up for cross-promotional collaborations in which they simply feature and link specific videos from each other in their respective videos.

Popular YouTuber Jessie Paege often does this sort of collaboration with her fellow content creators, such as in the video below.

3. Comment on popular creators’ social media pages.

If you’ve ever scrolled through the comment section on your favorite YouTuber’s Instagram or Facebook, then you’ve probably seen a few up-and-coming content creators asking him or her to check out their own videos. Though this may not get the original poster’s attention, it’s sure to catch the eye of a few fellow fans.

Don’t be afraid to comment about your own videos on another creator’s posts. However, be sure that you’re not being “spammy” or irritating. Only comment once, and only link your videos on related posts. For example, if you’re a beauty vlogger, you should comment on one of Bethany Mota’s selfies, not reply to one of Pewdiepie’s tweets.

A quick scroll through the comments on any of Niki Demartino’s Instagram posts will reveal replies from many up-and-coming content creators about their own videos.

Social media is definitely the best place to promote your YouTube videos. Try out these tips to reach more viewers.

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