3 Keys To Influencer Marketing Success

Brand deals and sponsored videos help a lot of YouTubers make their money. The more successful you can be with the sponsored content you create, the more sponsorship opportunities will come your way.

Here are three keys to influencer marketing success.

1. Your niche is more important than your reach.

Most brands don’t want to simply promote their products to as many people as possible. Rather, they try to reach as many potential customers as possible, meaning that they want to advertise to the kinds of people who will actually buy their products or services.

No matter how many subscribers you have, in order to get more brand deals, your channel should in a well-defined niche. If it’s easy for companies to see who you’re creating content for, they’ll know when you’re the perfect fit for their brand deal.

2. Don’t create a commercial.

Sponsored videos aren’t met to be commercials. If your viewers wanted to see ads, then they’d turn on the TV. So, be careful not to treat your sponsored video like a commercial.

Instead, show your viewers how you use that product or service in your real life. Alternatively, you can do something fun that’s inspired by your sponsor.

When Lisbug made a sponsored video for the mobile game Alice, she recreated Disney princess looks with trendy, everyday clothes.

3. Be risky and experimental to find a video idea that everyone loves.

When it comes to sponsored videos, the creators who do it best are the ones who think outside of the box. Ask yourself how you can put a twist on what the company wants. How can you make this sponsored video truly original? However, you should also be careful to stay true to the brand’s values or mission statement.

The anime streaming site Crunchyroll is all about entertainment. So, when DanAndPhilGAMES worked with them, the boys treated their viewers to the “chopstick challenge.”

By taking your sponsored content to the next level, you’ll attract more brands to your channel. Follow these tips for influencer marketing success.

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