3 Grassroots Marketing Strategies for Video Promotion

Grassroots marketing is an unconventional but highly effective way to market a product. Most marketers first try to appeal to the largest audiences and hope that the advertising will trickle down to smaller audiences. However, grassroots marketers do the opposite. They first appeal to smaller audiences and hope that the publicity will move up to larger audiences.

Grassroots marketing is a great way to market a product, make personal connections with audiences, and save a lot of money. Here are three grassroots marketing strategies that YouTubers can apply to market their videos and increase their popularity online!

1. Comment on popular videos.

You’ve probably seen people comment on popular videos and invite people to check out their channels. Even if you might have rolled your eyes when you saw this, you can’t deny that this is actually a good strategy for increasing popularity on YouTube. When you comment on very popular videos, your comments could potentially be seen by thousands of people (especially if you get people to “like” your comment).

You should make sure to comment on popular videos that are similar to yours (for example, the same music genre, the same comedy genre, the same topic, etc.). Remember to say why you love the video, and then you can kindly encourage others to check out your channel because you are passionate and have similar content. By commenting on these popular videos, you can reach the audiences that your videos would appeal to.

Check out this video that explains how to promote yourself without seeming obnoxious.

2. Send personal messages to your favorite YouTubers.

Another grassroots marketing strategy you can use is reaching out to your favorite YouTubers. It is always beneficial to make connections with people whom you like and who produce similar content.

First, simply tell them that you love their content and that you would like to connect with them. Make the friendship first, and then consider casually asking them to check out your videos (but don’t make it seem like you are only interested in their promotion).

When you connect with your favorite YouTubers, you are setting the stage for potential collaborations, networking, and mutual promotion. All of these things are extremely beneficial for increasing your channel’s popularity.

Take a look at this video with Joey Graceffa and Glozell Green, in which Glozell talks about reaching out to Joey.

3. Blow up your social media.

Turn all of your social media into a marketing powerhouse. Make sure that you have thriving Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts specifically for the promotion of your videos. Share every video that you create (or at least a preview of every video) on every social media site, and don’t be afraid of re-posting videos on social media once in awhile!

Respond to every comment you get, ask your fans questions on social media pages, post teasers and countdowns for upcoming videos, and ask for video suggestions! Having a very active social media presence and connecting personally with your fans on social media are very effective forms of grassroots marketing.

Never underestimate the power of grassroots marketing. It may sometimes seem like reaching out to very small audiences won’t help you become popular, but it absolutely can. Always remember that one person can cause a ripple effect, and by contacting one person, you could potentially reach thousands.

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David Yaghutiel is a Bay Area native who enjoys traveling, theatre, playing the ukulele, and learning as much about the world as he possibly can. He also occasionally daylights as a senior at UCLA.

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