3 Features You Should Be Using To Grow Your Facebook Fan Page

Your Facebook fan page is doing great. Your fans love the quality content you post and, according to your visitor statistics, keep coming back for more.

Unfortunately, these same statistics are telling you that there’s very little growth going on in the “new fan” department.  To tackle this problem, Facebook has introduced three simple tools you can use to analyze, engage, and reach a wider audience.

Create a Call to Action

Located next to the “Like” button, this feature at the top of your Facebook fan page allows you to include a largely visible link that visitors can click on, letting them do things such as “Sign Up” for your email list or to “Watch Video”. Additionally, Facebook updates you with statistics on how many visitors have taken that call to action, which lets you know what’s working with new fans.

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Schedule Your Posts

Now we’ve told you before that the best times to post are the hours of early morning, early evening, and late at night. To make posting during these peak times and engaging your visitors even easier, Facebook includes a clock shaped icon at the bottom of your status box so you can schedule the times your content will appear.
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Boost Your Posts

Not necessarily a new feature, “boosting” posts on your Facebook fan page or “advertising” them is something many artists don’t take advantage of. With as little as five dollars, you can try “boosting” a high quality post that will specifically reach people – people like 30 year old Danny from New York who’s interests are Yo-Yo Ma and Imagine Dragons.

Allison Tibbs shows us how to boost posts in 2 minutes with this short video.

With these 3 useful functions, Facebook helps musicians all over the world gain momentum for their pages.

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 Kathy Nguyen is a digital artist, aspiring entertainment professional, and lover of live music. You can find her tweeting her playlists, youtube-ing documentaries, and enjoying her favorite mixtape.

source: Facebook Help Centre

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