3 Effective Ways to Tag Your YouTube Videos

Tagging videos can be confusing at first. How do you know you are doing it right? What keywords do you use? Well, you know when your YouTube video starts to gain more views, and here are three ways to accomplish exactly that.


Start with the most relevant tags first

These can include everything from the name of your band to other things, such as the album name, the name of the venue you performed at, style of music, location, themes, etc. For example: if your song is a folk song, but it takes place in Africa, the first tag you will want to start with would be “folk.” After this, you can add in a tag such as “Africa.”

Fill in every space available with a tag

YouTube provides space for you to add lots and lots of tags. Fill all the space in with as many tags as you can. This will require you to become pretty creative, and you will have to think of things that maybe won’t come to your head, at first — but that other people may notice. For example: your music video may feature a yellow VW Beetle. This is less relevant than the music, but it could be a tag you would want to include anyway.

Make sure your tags match your title

As long as the keywords from your music video are also in its tags section, it will make searching for your video much, much easier. This also ensures that people who stumble on your video are watching what has been advertised. You don’t want to mislead people, as this can backfire, and irritate them. For example: your song tile is “Commodore Skies.” The word “Commodore” should be a tag.

In addition, make sure you keep your tags up to date. If you notice something different that you forgot to add, go back in and change it to keep it relevant. If your band becomes more popular, and searchable, add that in. Make sure you don’t mislead people, and use all of the space provided. Happy tagging!

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Mike DiGirolamo has had a strong interest in music from a young age, playing both the cello and trombone. Outside of music he has a love for movies, theatre, and environmental science.

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