3 Easy Ways To Build A YouTube Schedule

Making videos, like any creative outlet, can easily become a ‘once in awhile’ occurrence. However, subscribers love it when you post on a schedule so that they’ll know when to check back for new content! If you want to get your audience growing and engaged, a schedule will bring people back and motivate yourself to keep creating!

1. Determine how long it takes to make a video.

Depending on your content, a video can take days or weeks to make. Take a moment to overlook the general production time it takes for each of your videos. Are they daily vlogs that take around a day to edit like Casey Neistat’s? In that case, setting a daily schedule is your best bet!

However, few people have the never-ending drive Neistat has or even the patience necessary for daily vlogs. RocketJump is a great example, especially when it comes to being the complete opposite of Casey Neistat. They focus on high production and high quality comedic videos, which they say can sometimes take weeks to produce and edit. Because of this, their schedule is once a week or sometimes less!

2. Make use of your free days.

Creating your video is only the beginning of being a YouTuber. Uploading and marketing deserve the same amount of attention and patience. This is why it’s important to find out what days you have the most free time to upload your videos and share them on your other social media platforms!

A way to avoid having to sit in front of your screen while you’re waiting for your video to be uploaded is to preschedule them. This still deserves some time out of your day, but you could do mass uploads on a day you’re free and then schedule them accordingly. This video shows you a quick and simple way to do so!

3. Post videos when your audience is most likely to be online.

Of course, it’s possible to post your videos any time of the day, but is it effective? There are certain days and even certain times of the day that will lead to a higher chance of your subscribers seeing your videos!

If the majority of your subscribers are from the US, posting your videos in the middle of the night will probably only get night owls and the occasional European or Australian watcher. According to a report posted by TubeFilter, the best days to post are Thursdays and Fridays from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Scheduling your YouTube videos is your ticket to a better and more interactive channel. Building a sense of trust between you and your audience means they’ll know to come back on certain days to see your videos, without even having to depend on the subscription page!

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