Why This YouTuber’s View Count Keeps Rising

Many people seek YouTube for entertainment and to learn new things. There are YouTubers who share their life stories in their videos.

Stef Sanjati is a transgender woman who has shared her transition with her subscribers. She enjoys making entertainment videos that show her journey to become Stef Sanjati. Educating people about being transgender is something that she takes seriously.

Here is how Stef Sanjati receives views.

1. Stef believes that it is important to teach people about what it means to be transgender.

There are many people who are not well informed about what it means to be transgender. Stef makes sure that she teachers her audience about what being transgender means for her.

She posts different informational videos that share her journey through her transition. This attracts viewers because she is sharing her personal experience, and she is teaching others at the same time.

2. She likes to be herself and share her personality.

Stef has an energetic personality that keeps many of her viewers entertained. She creates makeup videos and personal videos that show off who she is as a person.

Viewers are able to connect with her because she shares her views and beliefs. The more viewers learn about you, the closer they feel to you, and the more engaged they will be.

3. Stef creates content that covers several different topics.

Stef is not afraid to share her opinion, and that is why she has videos talking about different topics. She has a variety of videos to fulfill different viewers needs. Not only does she create new content, but she also does throwback videos. She compares herself to who she used to be.

It is important to be able to talk about different topics because it attracts different kinds of audiences. People are interested in different things, so creating different kinds of content will bring more viewers in.

Stef does not just share her journey through transitioning, but she also teaches her audiences about what it means to be transgender. Many viewers are interested in personal stories and educational videos. Stef’s goal is for people to be informed about the transgender community and learn that everyone has the right to be themselves.

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Erika Mendoza is a student, and she enjoys spending her time on YouTube as well as hanging out with friends.