Why Fans are Obsessed with David Perry’s YouTube Channel

David Perry is an interesting musician.

His YouTube channel has 10,247,509 views and fans can’t get enough of it.

The videos are so catchy that YouTube even recommends his videos on the homepage sometimes.

Here’s why fans are in love with David Perry’s YouTube channel.

1. The videos are very entertaining

David is creative. His videos kind of grab your attention and don’t let go. They are fun, interesting, and have many elements. For example he frequently shows you 4 distinct views into what’s happening.

2. He makes you feel good

There is something special in David’s music. It just makes you feel good. You will see it for yourself when you watch his videos. Some reason your mood will get slightly better.

3. The music is awesome

David does covers and originals. His music just has the IT element. You will automatically start nodding your head and want to sing along. This is actually rare. He has that charisma/it factor that some of the best performers have.

4. YouTube recommends David’s videos

This is important because YouTube helps David grow by pushing his videos to more fans.

Can see below screenshot of David Perry on the YouTube homepage.

David Perry YouTube

In summary: David Perry is an amazing entertainer. His music is fun, catchy, and makes you feel good. We are very excited for what he will show us next!

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