What Makes Merv Pinny A Star

When you hear the word rockstar, you no doubt think of the Beatles and Elvis Presley. The next generation, however, just may equate rockstar with Merv Pinny.

This New Zealander is an award-winning musician with a unique sound to share with the world.

Here’s what makes Merv Pinny a star.

1. He’s a viral superstar.

Gone are the days when making it big in the music industry meant getting a top radio hit. For modern musicians like Merv, it’s all about online views. Only the special few are talented enough to make it big online.

Merv is one of the lucky ones. His smash hit “OB (can you hear the children cry)” went viral on Facebook in the summer of 2016. The music video also has almost a million views on YouTube.

2. He has a unique story to share.

Every iconic artist has a cool backstory, and Merv’s is one for the music history books. Not many rockstars started out as farmers, but Merv worked on a dairy farm before catching his big break. He left school when he was fifteen, playing in his band six nights a week while also working on the farm.

This unique image of a farmer-turned-rockstar has helped Merv become a huge name in the New Zealand music scene.

3. His music comes with a deeper meaning.

Merv is using his international platform to inspire society to change for the better. His latest releases address the social consequences of war and terrorism. In a world fraught with misery, positive voices like Merv’s are important in creating change.

Merv’s music reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners all across the globe. Like the Beatles inspired a generation of peace-lovers, artists like Merv are bringing up the next age of social justice warriors.

Merv Pinny is a strong voice coming out of the New Zealand music scene. His unique style of alternative rock is inspiring hundreds of thousands of listeners all around the world.

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