4 Ways You Haven’t Thought To Promote Your YouTube Channel

Your favorite video promotion strategies can get stale fast. You can only tweet your video links so many times or give so many viewer shoutouts. However, just like every part of content creation, promoting your videos should be fun. It’s time to shake things up.

Here are four ways you haven’t thought to promote your YouTube channel.

1. Write freelance articles in your niche.

As a vlogger, you’re qualified as an expert on some level. Whether your specialty is food, gaming, beauty, or life in general, you have both knowledge about something unique and an audience who wants to hear what you have to say. This is exactly the kind of writer many blogs and magazines are looking for.

Start by making a list of potential articles you could write. Then, turn your favorite ideas into proposals. Send these to magazines, blogs, and other websites in your niche. As a bonus, many platforms will pay for freelance articles!

2. Hang out with your notification squad.

Anyone who scrolls through the comments of a YouTube video has likely seen a ton of comments that say “notification squad!”. These dedicated viewers are not only subscribed to the channel but have its post notifications turn on as well. The more a creator interacts with the first commenters, the more people are likely to try to comment first.

Popular vlogger Natalies Outlet spends the first thirty minutes after every video goes live responding to comments from her notification squad.

3. Do surprise follow back sprees.

Viewers love interacting with their favorite creators online. One of the most coveted social media interactions is a follow back. Even if you’ve never met a viewer in real life, following that person on social media can make his or her day. Encourage your viewers to interact with you on social media by following back those who are especially active.

Better yet, do it in secret, like Bunny Meyer did. If your viewers don’t know when you’re online, they’ll be encouraged to tweet you and share your videos throughout the day.

4. Do a tell-all Q-and-A.

Q-and-As encourage viewers to get involved with your video, but a juicy tell-all will dial it up to ten. People love to know all the drama in other people’s lives. Be brave and ask your fans to send you their burning questions for a new video.

Ricky Dillon tracked questions for a tea-spilling Q-and-A with a unique hashtag.

Promoting your channel can be so much more than just sharing video links on Twitter. Try a few of these ways to boost your views and have fun with your audience.

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