The Cool New Features YouTube Is Experimenting With

YouTube is constantly innovating new tools and features to improve the platforms for creators and viewers alike. The Creator Insider channel often shares updates into what YouTube is working on behind-the-scenes, giving creators insight into what’s to come.

Here are a few cool new features YouTube is experimenting with.

Now all creators can see the recent subs card.

When using the original YouTube Studio Beta, a lot of creators expressed concern that their recent subscribers report showed less than it had in Creator Studio Classic. Once a more detailed version was rolled out, the report still only showed for creators who had gained a new subscriber in the last ninety days.

Now, however, the recent subs card is visible to all creators, regardless of their subscriber growth over any period of time. To access it, go to your YouTube Studio and scroll down. The report will be on the right, under the channel analytics card.

If you want to see a more detailed report, then you can select “see more.” Then, you will be able to see the channel name of every recent subscriber and the date they subscribed to your channel. You can also adjust the chart to show the subscribers you gained over the past week, month, three months, or year.

Organize your video by dividing it into video chapters.

Oftentimes, creators who upload longer videos, such as podcasts or informational content, divide their videos into sections by posting timestamps in their video descriptions. That way, viewers who want to skip to a certain part of a video can use those timestamps to navigate directly to the section they want.

Soon, you’ll be able to organize your video into video chapters so that viewers can find the part they want quickly. The feature works in basically the same way timestamps do, except it will be easier to use.

The feature is currently being tested on desktop and Android with plans to roll out to iOS soon. Creator Philip DeFranco has already been testing out video chapters.

Identify your channel members with highlighted comments.

Many creators support their content creation through channel memberships. Your channel members are your most loyal subscribers. As the fans who engage with you and support you the most, they deserve some recognition.

YouTube is working to highlight video comments made by channel members. They will also elevate these comments in the comments section under each video. As a bonus, other viewers will see a call-to-action to become a channel member themselves under these highlighted comments.

As creators’ content becomes more sophisticated, YouTube is evolving to better accommodate and support your creativity. Experiment with the new features as they roll out so that you can make the most out of your experience on the platform.

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