The 3 Best Editing Programs For Your YouTube Videos

Ever wondered how YouTubers create cool effects on their videos? How do they get those funny sounds? Or how do they create that beautiful text? Well, it’s not that hard if you use the right tools and software.

Here are some of the best editing software programs many YouTubers are using.

1. Wondershare Filmora lets you get creative.

This easy-to-use software is a great editing tool for beginners or intermediate users looking to get creative. Filmora offers a variety of effects, sounds, audio editing, and a lot of advanced features. It is available for free to download, or you can pay to get the full features.

2. iMovie is user-friendly.

If you’re a PC user, this may not apply to you since this software is only compatible with Mac users. However, many YouTubers start off with iMovie because it’s one of the easiest software programs out there. iMovie offers background music, beautiful effects, and many important features to edit a video.

3. Final Cut Pro X is professional and advanced.

This software goes beyond expectations! Final Cut Pro X offers hundreds of features that will leave you astounded. There is an advanced mode for those who already have background knowledge in editing software and a standard mode for beginners. The only downside about this program is that it costs around $299.99.

If you are looking to get started, Filmora and iMovie are great software to begin with. If you are looking to get more advanced, then Final Cut Pro is the next step.

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