How Musicians Can Connect with Fans on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most powerful social media platforms. Musicians can and should use it to connect with current and potential fans. From likes to hashtags, here are just a few tips on how to make those connections.

Ask Questions
What can you ask your fans about in 140 characters or less? What did they think of your newest single? Who should you collaborate with? Where should you play? Thoughtfully consider their replies when planning your next tour or video release. Check out this poll tweeted by Kendall Schmidt, which received 4,867 responses.


Anyone who’s had a favorite musician retweet or like one of their posts understands the heart-fluttering excitement it brings. Engaging with your fans’ tweets will not only make them happy, but it will also make them feel close to you. To anyone who relates to your music, you are like an understanding friend.


Follow Up After the Show
In the aftermath of a great set, the people who attended are going to be tweeting about it. Search for keywords, such as the name of the venue, and respond to several tweets in a timely fashion. Thank fans for coming. If you plan to play at the venue again soon, mention it. Tell fans who missed the show where they can see you play next. Note how Taylor Swift shows her followers love.


Involve Fans in Your Work Process
Have a new single coming out? Give fans a hashtag to trend at a certain time or a snapshot of the album artwork to share. Tweet promotional posters that they can download and post elsewhere — online and in real life. Your fans will love to help spread the word! Anyone excited about Taylor Swift’s post below can retweet using #OOTWMusicVideo.


Odds are that most of your fans will find you online. Make the most of it by connecting with them on Twitter.

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