How to Maintain Privacy While Building Your Channel

YouTubers spend a lot of time making great content, and they sometimes forget to maintain their privacy from the public. The more viewers and subscribers you get, the more aware you must be of your privacy.

Here are three ways to protect your personal information, property, and private social life.

1. Keep your personal information off the screen.

When filming make sure your address, credit card information, license plates, and other personal information is not visible on camera.

Make sure pieces of mail are not in your background shot.. If you’re in school, make sure school pictures or banners are not visible as well. This can be tricky sometimes when you are making a video in a rush and not making your privacy a priority. It can be surprising when you realize how many things around you contain personal information.

2. Don’t make your location obvious.

Even if you block all personal information, people can still find you by watching your videos. Never film in front and around your house. Try to keep your location unknown whenever you are in your neighborhood. This means do not film at your local coffee shop, grocery store, etc.

Plenty of YouTubers experience fans knocking on their front door because they recognized the location. On a more serious level, many YouTubers have also experienced their homes and cars getting broken into. Keeping your location unknown is key.

3. Keep parts of your social and family life private as well.

Along with your personal information and property, aspects of your social and family life can be kept private as well. If you and your significant other have a channel together, it’s important to discuss which parts of your life you will put on the internet.

If you have, kids it’s crucial to decide whether or not your children will be included in your videos. Making these decision beforehand will help you stay focused on content you want to create. It will also help you control how viewers see your life, to a certain extent.

Privacy is one of the most crucial things to consider when making a channel. It’s important to figure out how much you want to share to your viewers. Make sure personal information is not visible on camera; keep your location anonymous, and decide beforehand which details in your social or family you want displayed.

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