How Katy Perry Became Highest Paid Female Musician in 2015

In 2015 Katy Perry was named Forbes’ third highest paid celebrity for raking in $135 million. Perry ranked behind boxers Floyd Mayweather ($300 million) and Manny Pacquiao ($160 million).

The “Roar” star also made it to the top spot of Forbes’ 2015 World’s Highest-Paid Women in Music. Perry’s “Prismatic” tour, merchandise sales and endorsement deals with Coty and CoverGirl led her to the No.1 position.

Below is a break up of her earnings:

1. Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour

Katy Perry’s success can be attributed to her popularity overseas. According to Forbes, Perry’s Prismatic World Tour consisted of 124 shows, off which 75 spanned across 27 countries and four continents. Forbes further stated that 60% of Perry’s earnings came from outside of North America. In addition, the average ticket price in the secondary market for the North American leg was recorded at $252.60

The Asian leg of Katy Perry’s ‘Prismatic’ tour made $20 million in ticket sales in 12 days, as reported by Music Weekly. The shows drew in more than 165,000 fans. In Australia, over 350,000 tickets were sold across 23 dates. The promoter of the tour’s Australian leg, Paul Dainty of Dainty Group, stated that the ticket demand was so high “we could have added another dozen shows everywhere easily.”

Katy Perry performing in Thailand

The Prismatic World Tour surpassed Perry’s 2012 California Dreams Tour beyond expectations. The singer’s 2012 tour grossed $60 million on her nine-month tour, according to Forbes.

Pollstar’s Year End Top 100 Worldwide Tour list placed the ‘Prismatic’ World Tour as the fourth best selling in the world and the best-selling by a solo female in 2014. With 1,407,972 attendees the tour grossed $153 million.

Pollstar Year End Top 100 Worldwide Tour list

At the end of 2015, Pollstar placed the tour in the 27th position grossing $51 million from 43 dates.

Katy Perry’s Prismatic tour was hailed as a visual spectacle with neon props, glow-in-the dark ropes, technicolor outfits and elaborate stage set-ups. The pop-star succeeded in enthralling her fans with powerful performances each time.

Katy Perry performing at Belfast, Northern Ireland

(Photo by Christie Goodwin/Getty Images)

Watch the Prismatic tour video below:

2. Product endorsements

Katy Perry is known for taking intelligent business decisions. She has signed endorsement deals with products she believes in, such as Proactive, CoverGirl, Adidas, Coty and Claire’s. According to Business Insider, Perry receives a seven figure compensation for endorsements.

“One thing I’ve been able to do is know the power of having equity deals,” Perry told Forbes. “I don’t ever like to do things unless I’m really a part of them.”

Katy Perry endorses CoverGirl

“I like to dress up and be Katy Perry when it’s appropriate, when I’m promoting something, but I’m Katheryn Hudson [her real name] on the business side,” the singer told Forbes

Katy Perry performing live at Prismatic World Tour

Photo courtesy of GOTCELEB

3. Merchandise sales

Katy Perry averaged $20 per head per night in merchandise sales on the Prismatic World Tour, reports Forbes. According to Perry’s managers, this accounted to four times the industry’s average. The tour merchandise included Prism T-shirts, button packs, wristbands, accessories and backpacks.Katy Perry's Prism merchandise

Katy Perry's Prism merchandise

The superstar was at the top of her game last year, surpassing Taylor Swift and Beyonce. Katy Perry is currently in the research and development phase of her next album. The singer is extremely proud of her success. She posted this picture of her Forbes cover on Instagram and told women “that there is no shame in being a boss”.

Katy Perry on Forbes cover

Way to go Katy!

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