How To Start A YouTube Channel On a Budget

Making YouTube videos is a difficult task itself, but working with a limited amount to spend? That’s even harder for an up-and-coming content creator. So, what tips and suggestions are there for those who are looking to start a YouTube channel without much money in their pockets?

Here are five tips to get you started with your new, budget-friendly YouTube channel.

1. Start with an idea.

It is important to remind yourself that audiences tune in for what you have to say. If you really want to get a message across on an online platform, think big. Start with an idea of what your goal is and what you aim to do with your channel. How are you going to create a name for yourself and your channel if you have no foundation to do so?

However, you must also be careful to keep your ideas within your means. An international travel channel won’t work on the typical college student’s budget. You won’t be able to produce cinematic music videos such as Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” if you don’t have a multi-million dollar income.

All successes are rooted in innovative ideas, so remember that before you consider the technicalities of your performance ability and equipment, you should think about how to brand your channel and what you want to say to your viewers.

2. Value content over equipment.

Keep in mind that for as long as YouTube has existed, people have always come for the content. What do you have to say that’s so funny? Or what can you sing that’s going to woo a viewer? What did you see when you traveled to New York?

These are the things that go through Internet surfers’ mind when they hover their cursors over suggested videos. They primarily care about what you’re doing in your video; most viewers don’t really care about the behind-the-scenes technicalities of your expensive video-editing software, fancy Canon camera, or windscreen mic, so you really don’t need to worry too much about having expensive equipment when you start out.

In fact, up-and-coming YouTuber Ben Deen explains that he uses his Samsung phone to record and the video-editing software that comes with his Sony computer to do “basic cutting, adding audio, maybe adding text, nothing fancy, and unless you want special effects you really don’t need to buy expensive software.”

3. Don’t think about the result before starting.

Many people who want to make YouTube videos never end up uploading anything at all because they doubt themselves and their content. The best way to overcome this is to dive in headfirst with an empty yet open mind.

When first starting your channel, don’t compare your videos to those of already famous YouTubers. You haven’t signed your huge advertising deal yet. Your favorite company will partner with you in due time. Practice patience as you pays your dues as a newcomer to the YouTube community.

Don’t go ahead of yourself and think about what the result might look like; rather, just go with your original idea and judge it after you see it on the editing screen, because it may turn out that everything packages up quite nicely.

4. Keep records of your spending.

If you are someone who is very organized and likes to keep track of every transaction you make, this tip is definitely right down your alley. To be more aware of your spending habits and how that aligns with your budget, it is best and most efficient to always keep track of every expenditure.

One suggestion is to create a spreadsheet to record all of the money you’ve spent on certain items. At the end of every week, tally up the total cost and compare it with your budget. This will help you keep track of where you fall in regards to staying within a budget.

5. Remember that it’s all about you.

This is yet another content-related reminder that in your videos, you are the center of attention. All eyes are on you, so don’t overwhelm yourself with doubtful thoughts that your opinions may be wrong, that you may stir up a controversy in the comments (although controversy is not always bad…), or that you’re not entertaining. Just go with the flow; those who like your style will stick around, and those who don’t will simply dislike or not subscribe.

Remember that in your videos, it’s all about what you have to say, and viewers know that; what do they expect when they click on a vlog (or music video) with a thumbnail of just yourself? You are in control of nearly every factor of your video; how much editing you do, and how much money you spend on your equipment and setup. It’s all about you here.

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