How to Stand Out on YouTube with Your Appearance

If there’s one universal truth in the pursuit of fame and success, it’s that you have to stand out from your competition. People need to specifically remember who you are and how you are different, and a great way to do this is by presenting yourself in a unique way.

Here are examples of three YouTube stars and how they stand out with their appearances.

1. Glozell Green expresses individuality with her signature color.

Glozell Green is a wildly successful YouTube star who is probably best known for her love of the color green. She almost always dresses in green outfits and wears her signature green lipstick. When anyone sees her on YouTube they might be taken aback by the green overload, but they also will always remember Glozell. Glozell shows us that dressing in vivid colors such as green is a great way to make you stand out on YouTube.

Check out this video, in which Glozell puts on her green lipstick and talks about the importance of being who you are (and not caring what anyone says).

2. Miranda Sings stands out with her mismatched outfits and over-applied lipstick.

Another YouTube icon is the satirical singer Miranda Sings, who has gained great success on YouTube with her quirky personality and memorable appearance. Miranda Sings usually wears a striped long sleeve shirt with mismatching red pants. She also pushes her hair back and wears an excessive amount of lipsticks that goes outside of her lips.

Everyone knows Miranda Sings for these quirky fashion choices, and she has become so successful because she stands out from the crowd. Her appearance is so unique that fans even like to dress up like her at her concerts!

Take a look at this video from one of her concerts where Colleen Ballinger (who portrays Miranda) transforms into Miranda. The transformation starts at 1:53.

3. Tyler Oakley surprises fans with his spontaneous hairstyles.

Tyler Oakley is yet another wildly successful YouTube star whom everyone remembers for his adventurous hair endeavors. Tyler has dyed his hair countless different colors, including blue, green, blond, strawberry blond, and purple.

When he posts a new video, you never quite know what color his hair is going to be, and fans love Tyler’s spontaneity! Tyler teaches aspiring YouTube stars to mix up your style once in awhile so people always remember you for your unpredictable appearances.

Here’s a video of Tyler bleaching his hair, and at the end of the video he provides links to other videos that showcase his other hair colors.

It is crucially important to be an individual and stand out on YouTube, and creating a memorable appearance can greatly help people remember you. Channel who you are into your appearance, and you’ll find success on YouTube in no time.

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