How to Make Your Cover Song Stand Out

Now that you have decided on the perfect song to cover, it is important that you do something with it to make it stand out. Here are a few things you can do that can make your cover the difference between karaoke night and going viral.

1. Choose something to showcase.

When creating your cover, choose something to showcase, whether it be a vocal riff or an instrumental solo, or a combination of the two. You want to add in something that showcases your particular talent within the song. A carbon copy of the song you are covering can give the cover a karaoke feel instead of truly feeling like a cover.

Something about your version needs to be different, and since your voice and your instrumental talent are inherently unique to you, you can use this to your advantage. The popularity of the song you choose will draw people in, and by showcasing your particular talents, you have the opportunity to wow them and make you cover stand out from the rest.

Here is someone using a cover of a popular song to showcase a vocal talent.

Here someone using the same song to showcase an instrumental talent.

2. Change it up.

Something as simple as interpreting it in a different musical era or singing it in a different language than the original can provide a fresh perspective, highlight your talent, and keep people hungry for more.

The fascinating thing about covers is discovering how other people interpret a song, or, better yet, the innovations and potential that other people can pluck from a piece of music that is already out. Doing this with your cover can put it a notch above the rest.

Here is a vintage version of the hit “Stay With Me.”

Here’s a version of “Hello” sung in both Spanish and English.

3. Add a twist.

Something that can really set covers apart is adding a peculiar twist to the presentation of the song. Using garbage cans to create the drum beat or just snapping your fingers can be an innovative way of presenting the song to the audience, perhaps giving them the challenge to learn how you did it.

Adding a complex twist can be entertaining for audiences to both watch and listen to, and it gives your cover a unique edge.

Here’s a cover of “Send My Love” with an interesting twist.

These guys changed the key and style of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” giving a Christmas classic a haunting edge.

By using any one or a combination of these tips you can enhance a cover into something unique, catchy, and special. Who knows, you might even have some fans that say it’s better than the original.

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