How To Make Videos That Connect With Your Community

In order to achieve a high level of audience engagement, you need to create content that truly resonates with your viewers. It needs to be relatable, aspirational, or memorable in some way. You need to make a connection with each and every viewer through each and every upload.

Here’s how to make videos that connect with your community.

Use your analytics to find out who your viewers are and what they love.

Your Channel Analytics can tell you so much more than just how many views you’re getting. For a breakdown of what kind of people are watching your videos, click on the “advanced mode” button in the top right corner. Then, you can explore your viewer demographics by age, gender, and geography. Knowing more about your audience demographics can help you tailor your videos to cater to them.

Back on the main page of your Channel Analytics, you can also find out what kind of content your viewers are interested in outside of your channel. Click on the “audience” tab. Then, scroll down to the “other channels your audience watches” box. Here, you’ll find a list of other channels that are popular among your viewers. You can look to these creators for inspiration.

Read your comments in order to gauge viewer feedback.

In order to find out if your content is connecting with your audience, you need to gauge their feedback. Oftentimes, viewers share their feelings about a video in the comments section. Therefore, you should read through the comments on your videos, taking note of both the positive and the negative. The more often you see something repeated, the more attention you should pay to it.

You can also use the like counter to gauge your audience’s interest in a video. It’s not just the like to dislike ratio that matters, however. You should also pay attention to how many likes each video has to your previous uploads. If there’s a significant increase or decrease, then you should pay closer attention to the feedback in the comments.

Involve your viewers with the creation of your videos.

Finally, you can make videos your viewers truly connect with by getting them involved. By making them part of your video creation, you’ll create a lot of hype for your next upload. Start small by giving shout-outs to highly engaged fans, or go big and create a video based on a viewer’s suggestion.

Alternatively, you could start a new video series based on audience participation. Answer deep questions from your viewers in a Q-and-A. React to comments on your old videos. You could even recreate your followers’ makeup looks or fan art.

To make videos that connect with your community, you first have to understand your community and engage with them. Then, you’ll be able to create content that truly resonates with your audience.

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