How To Get YouTube Views For Free

With over one billion unique monthly visitors, Youtube provides a lucrative platform for creators to enhance visibility for their products and services.

Adopt some hard-hitting strategies to get the views that your YouTube videos deserve.

Below are 18 tips and tricks to help you get YouTube views for free:

1. Upload videos consistently to get YouTube views

Maintain a consistent schedule when uploading new YouTube videos. This will help you create a routine for viewers. Publish your upload schedule in your video or channel description.

For example, popular YouTuber Jenna Marbles uploads a new video to her channel every Wednesday. She mentions her video schedule in the video description.

Upload consistently to get YouTube views

2. Create videos on trending topics

Create remarkable videos around trending topics to get YouTube views. Use Google Trends to find out what topics are trending. Google Trends provides additional information on the interest over time, regional interest and popular related searches for the topic you want to make a video on. You can also turn to social media to explore trending topics through hashtags.

3. Upload videos at the right time

upload at right time to get YouTube views

Upload your videos at the right time to maximize YouTube views. Frederator Networks, a prominent YouTube network receives 120 million views per month. They analyzed their uploads to determine the best posting times. According to their study, the best time to upload videos on YouTube are as follows:

Monday-Wednesday: 2pm-4pm EST

Thursday-Friday: 12pm-3pm EST

Saturday-Sunday: 9am-11am EST

4. Cross-promote your YouTube videos to get YouTube views

Cross promote your YouTube videos on websites, newsletters, blogs, online magazines, radio, TV and social networks. Share your YouTube videos on other owned properties to get more YouTube views. In addition, cross-promote your videos on other YouTube channels to reach new audience. Social media is a great way to spread your video like wild fire. Therefore, post links to your video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr to get more online traction for your videos.

5. Use Facebook’s native uploader to post YouTube videos

Upload your video to Facebook directly instead of sharing a link. According to BuzzSumo’s analysis, embedding a YouTube video gets an average of 140.75 interactions. Whereas, directly uploaded videos received 951.48 interactions, nearly seven times more than shared YouTube links. 

Use Facebook's native video uploader to get YouTube views

The conclusion is that you must upload the source video to Facebook directly to get YouTube views. You can use call to action to direct viewers to your YouTube channel.

6. Write catchy YouTube video titles

Write catchy video titles to grab viewers’ attention and compel them to watch your video. Keep your title to 50 characters or less to ensure it appears entirely in search results. Read our post, 6 Words You Must Include In YouTube Titles, to write an amazing YouTube video title.

Write catchy video titles to get YouTube views

7. Write meaty YouTube descriptions

Write a detailed video description. Video descriptions have valuable SEO capabilities. Therefore, write a description that is rich in video keywords and information. Read our post on 4 Hacks To Write an Awesome YouTube Description to nail your video description. 

Write meaty descriptions to get YouTube views

8. Use thumbnails that stand out

Thumbnails are images that appear beside a YouTube video in search and related results. Thumbnails work wonders to generate click-throughs. Therefore, optimize your thumbnail images to get YouTube views.

Optimize thumbnails to get YouTube views

9. Use strong call to action

The best way to get YouTube views is by asking viewers to subscribe, share and like your videos. Use annotations to call viewers to action. Annotations add interactive commentary to YouTube videos and get viewers to perform an action while watching a video. 

10. Create playlists to get YouTube views instantly

Playlists play your videos one after the other. Thus, viewers end up watching more of your videos. Playlists are also a great way to increase watch-time and improve your videos’ rankings. Therefore, group related videos into a single playlist to maximize views.

Use playlists to get YouTube views

11. Create a YouTube widget on your blog and website

YouTube allows users to embed a widget on their personal blogs and websites. This will enable creators to direct visitors to their YouTube channel. In addition, you can also include a subscriber widget to allow site visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel instantly.

12. Adopt blogger outreach strategies

Popular blogs with a large readership can drive significant traffic to your YouTube channel. Bloggers are constantly on the lookout for interesting content to share with their audience. Therefore, adopt effective blogger outreach strategies to get YouTube views.

13. Get influencers to share your YouTube videos

Ask influencers within your niche to share your videos. Influencers tend to have a large network of followers. The benefits of getting an influencer to market your videos are two-fold. One, you gain exposure among a niche audience interested in the kind of content you produce. Two, you gain credibility by associating with recognized influencers within your niche. Therefore, adopt strategies to get influencers to share your YouTube videos

14. Use featured channels to get more YouTube views

Partner with other content creators to grow your YouTube audience. On your YouTube channel, you can add other “Featured Channels” that you like and want to recommend to your audience. Choose channels that are relevant to your niche and audience. Eventually other channels will feature you and send traffic to your videos.

Boyce Avenue featured channel

15. Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborate with other YouTube vloggers to get noticed by their audiences and subscribers. You can either make a collaborative video together or make separate videos. Do not forget to give each other in-video shout outs if you choose to do the latter. 

Below is an example of a collab video. 

16. Send email updates to your subscribers

Send email updates to your followers every time you upload a new video. You can also create email newsletters with your YouTube videos. Supplement your YouTube videos with interesting articles and images to pique viewers’ interests. Make your email newsletters fun and engaging to get YouTube views.

17. Comment on other creators’ videos

Be active within the YouTube community. Comment on other creators’ videos to establish your presence. The goal is to make viewers aware of your channel by being present in as many places as possible.

18. Create video responses to viral videos

Create video responses to viral videos. Associating yourself with existing viral content will boost your visibility. Take a look at YouTube’s trending videos and create a video response for one that is most relevant to your channel.


The road to YouTube stardom requires a lot of hard work and persistence. Follow the above tips and tricks to get YouTube views and grow your channel.

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