How To Diversify Your Social Media Brand

The largest companies in the world grow quickly by diversifying their assets. As the saying goes, they have “a lot of fingers in a lot of pies,” and it helps them dominate multiple industries at once. You can grow your personal social media brand in a similar fashion.

Experiment with different kinds of content.

Many YouTubers use their platforms to launch music or filmmaking careers. Because you already have an audience, you have the unique opportunity to create different kinds of content and see how people react without risking your entire career.

For example, Niki and Gabi Demartino built an impressive following by creating everything from song covers to comedy sketches. When the girls starting posting music videos of their own, their fans absolutely adored it, allowing Niki and Gabi to successfully release an EP without being signed to a music label.

Start a second channel in a different niche.

Along with adding different kinds of content to your main channel, you can create another channel completely dedicated to a different niche. Pick one that’s popular as well as of personal interest to you. For the best results, choose something you know your audience is really into.

Australian YouTube star Wengie has several channels, including a vlog channel and a music channel. Because her young audience really loved her slime videos, she decided to create a whole new channel all about slime.

Make use of the skills you’ve learned as a YouTuber.

Because talking to a camera is your job, you’ve likely developed the skills necessary to work as an actor, presenter, or host. Serving as your own camera operator and editor has given you the skills to be a director, and coming up with creative video ideas and scripts sharpened your writing skills.

Make use of the skills you’ve developed as a YouTuber in other avenues. In the caption of an Instagram post promoting her music video, Gabbie Hanna credited fellow vlogger Mykie as the talented photographer. Though Mykie is best known for her special effects tutorials on her channel Glam & Gore, her YouTube presence has opened up doors for other kinds of work.

Work on YouTube projects led by other creators.

To keep your work portfolio YouTube-specific, work on projects led by other YouTubers. For example, you may work as the director of a short film, an actor in a comedy sketch, or the co-writer of a song.

Vlogger Hazel Hayes started her channel to help progress her career as a director. Besides directing a Fullscreen show and several of her own short films, Hazel has also directed music videos for other vloggers. Most recently, she directed the music video for Anna Akana’s upcoming single.

Diversifying your social media brand is one of the best ways to grow it. Try creating several different kinds of content. Then, keep creating the ones your audience responds best to.

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