How To Use Your Viewer Demographics To Grow Your Channel

Demographics are the data on who’s watching your videos. By determining the age, gender, and location of your current viewers, you can better focus on creating videos that appeal to your target audience. Knowing your demographics will also help with brand deals and other sponsored content.

Here’s how to use your viewer demographics to grow your YouTube channel.

1. Use YouTube analytics to look at your channel’s demographic report.

YouTube makes it easy to tell exactly what kind of people are watching your videos. Once you’re logged in, go to the analytics page and click on “Who am I reaching?”. That section will link you to your personal demographics report.

On your demographics report, you’ll find charts describing the age range, gender, and location of your viewers. You can look month by month or compare data over the lifetime of your channel. The age range, gender, and location with the highest numbers form your channel’s main demographic.

This video will help you better make sense of your YouTube analytics page.

2. Decide what your demographic may need from your videos.

What you find on your demographics report may surprise you. However, it’s important to cater to the populations who are watching your videos the most. For example, if you’re a British creator with a significant number of viewers in Russia, then it may be a good idea to hire someone to transcribe your videos into Russian rather than relying on other viewers to submit their own translated captions.

You should also consider the nature of your content. If your videos tend to include strong language or graphic themes, then they won’t be visible to users who are on restricted mode. If your demographic is mainly under eighteen, then you should make videos that are more family-friendly.

This video explains restricted mode more in-depth.

3. Create the kind of videos that your target audience watches the most.

YouTube allows you to check the demographics for individual videos. You can see which of your videos are the most popular overall and which ones are the most popular with certain kinds of viewers. Make a list of the videos that attracted the most viewers from your target audience. Note any similarities among those videos.

Now, you should focus on creating the kinds of videos that are most popular with your demographic. For example, if your channel attracts mainly thirteen to seventeen-year-olds, then you may not have much success with a video explaining how to do your taxes. Similarly, a video reacting to the latest Justin Bieber song isn’t likely to be popular with a sixty-five and up demographic.

It’s normal for your content style to change as your channel grows. Your demographics will evolve, and so will the kinds of videos that appeal to your subscribers. Joey Graceffa is one major creator who is constantly changing his video style. As his channel got bigger, he attracted a widely younger and female audience. His current videos reflect this change in demographic.

Knowing your viewer demographic is one of the first steps in growing your YouTube channel. A thorough understanding of your demographic will help you create content that appeals to potential viewers and sponsors alike.

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