How to Create an Epic Stop Motion Video

Stop motion videos feel like a throwback to the claymation movies everyone loved as a child. In this kind of video, a series of still images flash quickly to as the objects are moved slightly in each frame. In the final result, the objects appear to move all on their own.

Here’s how to create one of these increasingly popular stop motion videos for yourself.

1. Gather the proper equipment.

As with any video, a stop motion requires the right setup. First, choose the objects that will “star” in your video. Next, angle your high-quality camera with a tripod so that it stays focused on your video’s main stage. Then, arrange your lighting so that it illuminates the objects in your video.

Check out this video to learn how to set up for a stop motion video.

2. Download the right software.

As it is with most modern forms of technology, stop motion video software is available in your app store. A few of the best stop motion apps include PicPac, Stop Motion Studio, and Smoovie.

Watch this video to learn how to use a popular stop motion app.

3. Create a storyboard.

Like a good movie, a stop motion video should tell a story. It could be anything from the complicated plot of the claymation classic The Nightmare Before Christmas or as simple as a Hot Wheels car chase. Whatever your story is, you should plan it out with a storyboard to help organize your thoughts.

Check out this video on how to create a storyboard for your video shoot!

4. Get filming.

Now that you have your equipment, software, and storyboard, you’re ready to start filming your stop motion video! In each frame you take, move the objects in your video the slightest bit. For inspiration, watch a claymation movie, such as Coraline or Chicken Run.

This video will give you a great explanation of how to film a stop motion video!

Stop motion videos mimic a few of the most unique and timeless children’s movies. Condense this great animation technique down to a few minutes to wow your YouTube viewers!

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