How To Control What Kind Of Ads Appear On Your Channel

Ad revenue is an important source of income for many content creators. However, in the past, you may have been confused or alarmed by some of the ads that played before your videos. This week, YouTube sought to address such issues when it rolled out new affiliate ad controls for creators.

Here’s how to control what kind of ads appear on your channel.

AdSense blocking controls enable you to tell YouTube which ads or which types of ads you don’t want viewers to see on your channel.

Just like not every channel is suitable for every advertiser, not every advertiser is suitable for every channel. For example, you may be righteously upset if a beer ad ran before your back-to-school shopping haul video. Similarly, if sobriety is something you’ve discussed on your channel, then a beer ad could be harmful to both you and your viewers.

This is why YouTube created AdSense blocking controls. Think of it as the Uno reverse card you get to serve the advertiser-friendly guidelines. With this feature, you get to have the final say on which kinds of companies are allowed to advertise to your audience using your content.

You can set these controls in your AdSense account.

To set your ad controls, begin by logging into the AdSense account that’s associated with your YouTube channel. Next, select the menu icon, which looks like three horizontal lines, in the top left corner. Then, select “Blocking controls.” Click on “YouTube host.”

To block specific advertisers from running ads on your channel, select “Advertiser URLs.” In the given boxes, copy and paste the URLs that lead to the specific ads you want to block. To save your choices, click “Block URLs. You can also block specific categories by selecting the appropriate tab, then use those controls to set which sensitive or general topics you want to prevent from being advertised on your channel. Your changes will be saved automatically.

The feature has been rolled out to MCN affiliate channels.

Initially, the Adsense blocking controls were only available to channels that are enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program. If you were part of a network, you weren’t able to control the ads appearing on your channel. With recent updates, however, this has changed.

Now, AdSense blocking controls are available to MCN affiliate channels. Your network can control the ads appearing on your channel. This also enables them to make editorial decisions that impact all of the channels within their network.

Affiliate ad controls are a helpful tool for creators. This new feature can protect your reputation as well as your audience.

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