4 Strategies For Musicians To Break Into Foreign Markets

Performing to a local crowd is always comforting. But, why restrict yourself to a local audience? Spread your horizon and touch new bases. Hit new and foreign markets to grow your music career.

Below are four strategies to help you break into foreign markets:

1. Post music videos online

The Internet has no boundaries. Own the online space first to establish an international presence. YouTube offers a lucrative platform to reach audiences across the world. Therefore, focus your energies towards growing an online audience for your music. Eventually, word will spread and your reach will expand. For example, Louisa Wendorff is gaining fans from all over the world through her YouTube channel. Her mash up of Blank Space and Style received a mention from Taylor Swift herself. This has boosted her presence further. Post every song you record on various online platforms to break into new markets.

2. Network with artists from around the world

Social media has made virtual interactions very easy. Reach out to artists across the world and build a genuine relationship. Additionally, attend conferences or music festivals to touch base with artists. Networking can bring in several collaboration opportunities. These opportunities can open doors to new markets both on home and international soil. New York based hip hop artist Joe Driscoll and Guinean Kora Player Sekou Kouyate met at a festival in Marseille, France. They collaborated together to produce their hit album Faya. They are currently working towards releasing their second album Monastic Theory. Together, Joe and Sekou have amassed a diverse fanbase.

3. Collaborate with artists from other countries

Collaborations fuel creative exploration and also help in growing your audience. One of the best ways for musicians to gain exposure in new markets is to collaborate with others. Get together with like-minded artists and open for each other’s shows. You can also go on tour together or collaborate on recordings. Irrespective of what you choose, collaborations can open up foreign markets easily. For instance, Canadian singer Milosh and Danish instrumentalist Robin Hannibal collaborated on several projects. The two hit it off well and decided to form the R&B duo named Rhye. They recently released their first album called Woman and are gradually gaining popularity.

4. Break the ice with live performances in new markets

Take a bold risk and secure a live performance at a place where nobody has heard you before. Several indie artists such as M-Tri & DJ Leecy T, Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Hanna Brewer of Purple have played in countries alien to them and gathered new followers. Put up an electric performance to attract fans and give out fliers introducing yourself at the end of your gig. Live performances can be instrumental in getting people hooked to your music and turning them into loyal fans.

Building a fan base in a new market takes time and effort. Build your online presence and secure collab opportunities to establish your presence in unknown spaces. Follow the above strategies to foster the growth of your diverse fanbase.

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