How This Style Influencer Built A Sustainable Platform

Amber Scholl has been uploading videos for about eight years, but she began actively pursuing YouTube as her career in 2016. Since then, she’s gained more than three million subscribers, and her most popular videos boast twice as many views. Now, her videos average between a quarter million and a half million views, which is fairly impressive on a platform where many longtime creators struggle to get past a hundred thousand views.

Here’s how style influencer Amber Scholl built a sustainable platform.

She determined her niche early on and stuck with it.

Though her content has varied over the years, the majority of Amber’s videos have always revolved around style. She began with hair tutorials, DIYs, and shopping vlogs. She also defined her personal style early on, building her brand around the idea of getting a luxurious look on a budget.

As her channel grew, Amber leaned more into DIY style content. She began to focus on recreating high-end looks at home. Not only did she make videos about fashion, but she also made content about home decor.

She developed several successful video formats.

Over the years, Amber has developed multiple video formats that tend to do well on her channel. These concepts are easy for her to recreate without them feeling repetitive. For example, her makeover videos are popular because the results are always surprising.

One of Amber’s most successful series is “A Very #Extra Shopping Spree.” While each video follows the same idea of purchasing a lot of items from a certain store, she keeps it interesting by shopping for different kinds of products or brands. The vlog format also ensures each video is unique because it will be more than a try-on haul.

She values authenticity.

Unlike a lot of style influencers, Amber doesn’t focus on creating aspirational content. Rather than showing off all the expensive things she has, she uses her channel to teach viewers how to live a glamorous life for less.

Since the beginning, her videos have shown how much she values authenticity. She’s very open about the things she does to alter her appearance, but she also encourages her viewers to love themselves the way they are. Her confident, happy demeanor keeps fans coming back for more.

Amber Scholl has built a sustainable online platform by finding her specialization within her niche. By practicing authenticity and inspiring confidence within her audience, she’s earned a consistent viewership and a supportive fan community.

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