How This Musical Duo Became A Popular Band

It’s almost impossible to turn on the radio without hearing “Stressed Out” or “Heathens.” Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun rose to fame as the band Twenty One Pilots.

Here’s how this musical duo became a popular band.

1. They started by recording and touring independently.

In the mid-2010s, Tyler and Josh were releasing music and touring alongside former band members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. They released two independent albums before being signed to Fueled by Ramen in 2012.

2. They kept releasing music until they finally made a breakthrough.

Twenty One Pilots put out three studio albums before they finally made it big. The band’s fourth studio album Blurryface produced several successful singles, such as “Ride” and “Stressed Out.”

3. They recorded a promotional single outside of their hit album.

The hit song “Heathens” wasn’t featured on Blurryface. Rather, the band recorded the song for the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The single’s success brought attention to both the film and the band.

Twenty One Pilots wouldn’t be as successful a band as it is today if the members hadn’t kept working hard until they hit the top of the charts. If you persevere, then you’re bound to hit success.

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