How This Beauty Vlogger Became A Huge Name On YouTube

Nikkie Tutorials is a beauty YouTuber who has gained popularity over the years. She expresses body positivity and women’s empowerment. She creates a lot of makeup tutorials where she also interacts and has conversations with her audience.

Here is how Nikkie Tutorials receives millions of views.

1. She creates content with celebrities.

Nikkie has invited many celebrities to be on her channel. She creates some sort of makeup tutorial that is interactive with the celebrity. This is a way to combine their fan bases.

The fans of the celebrity would come see your video. and they could end up being subscribers. It is a good way to bring more viewers in and to expand your own fan base.

2. Nikkie does giveaways for her audience.

Giveaways create interaction between you and your viewers. Nikkie does makeup giveaways so that her viewers can interact with her channel and so that more people are attracted to her videos.

You can create giveaways with things that your fan base is specifically drawn to, or you can create a general giveaway to bring new viewers in.

3. She creates tutorial videos as if she was having a conversation with her viewers.

Having interaction in your videos can keep the content interesting. If viewers feel like they are having a conversation with you, it can create a connection.

Nikkie makes her videos interactive so that she isn’t just showing a makeup tutorial, but she is showing her audience her personality. Don’t be afraid to show who you are and put your own spin on your videos.

Nikkie Tutorials likes to interact with her audience in her videos. It is a way to keep her viewers interested and to attract others. Having celebrities or important people in your videos can be a good way to receive more views, as can creating giveaways. Keep your content interactive, and make sure to be yourself.

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