How This Baking Channel Gained Almost Four Million Subscribers

How To Cook That, a baking channel created and hosted by Ann Reardon, is on the verge of hitting four million subscribers. Ann’s videos average hundreds of thousands of views, and her channel has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

Here’s how this baking channel gained almost four million subscribers.

The creator is an expert in her niche.

Unlike many creators who run cooking channels, Ann is a certified expert in her field. Before starting her channel, she was a qualified food scientist. She also worked as a dietitian.

Ann’s education and work experience gives credibility to her popular food science videos. She often looks into viral cooking myths and provides viewers with facts that debunk them. Viewers know they can trust her expertise.

How To Cook That began as a website then spawned a channel.

Before starting her channel, Ann began a How To Cook That website in 2011. She launched the site as a hobby to occupy herself with after having her third son. Originally, she posted weekly recipes and occasional videos.

However, because the videos were too large to be uploaded directly to her website, Ann uploaded them to YouTube so she could embed them on the site. As the popularity of her videos grew, she began to focus on the channel rather than the website.

She collaborated with the BBC.

The more popular her channel grew online, the more media attention Ann received. How To Cook That burst into mainstream media when the BBC asked Ann to design a cake to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013.

Her collaboration with the BBC was also featured in Variety. Soon, her channel began growing exponentially. By the end of 2014, How To Cook That had reached its first one million subscribers.

She began a popular series that debunks fake cooking hacks from wildly successful videos.

More recently, How To Cook That has been making itself at home on the YouTube trending page with a popular series debunking cooking hacks from wildly successful videos. Each new installment in this series gets several million views.

Instead of debunking common myths, Ann deconstructs viral clips from channels such as 5-Minute Crafts and Blossom. She tests the hacks then explains to viewers exactly why they don’t work. If there is an alternative that would produce the desired results, she provides it.

She continues to both educate and entertain her audience.

Ann’s How To Cook That videos continue to be both educational and entertaining. She doesn’t sacrifice one element for the other. Not only can viewers learn how to cook from her videos, but they can also learn the science behind it.

Her videos are also more enjoyable than a simple tutorial. She finds unique recipes, hacks, and facts to share so viewers are never bored. For example, a lot of Ann’s videos explore recipes from history.

How To Cook That is about to break the four million subscriber mark because of Ann Reardon’s equally educational and entertaining approach to cooking content. Her channel grew from media attention and found a place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide.

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