How Actor Zac Efron Started A Successful Channel

Actor Zac Efron is known for his starring roles in hit movies like High School Musical and Baywatch. However, he’s quickly gaining a reputation for another project: his YouTube channel. A little over a year after starting his channel, Zac has more than a million subscribers.

Here’s how Zac Efron started a successful channel inspired by his passions.

He used his channel to show fans a different side of his life.

Zac Efron’s early movies were a major part of many of his fans’ childhoods. A lot of them have loved him since his High School Musical days, but they mostly know him as an actor. While acting is how Zac made a name for himself, however, it isn’t the only thing he wants to be known for.

Starting a YouTube channel enabled him to diversify his content portfolio. Instead of a long list of movies, he can now list things like “fitness influencer” and “adventure enthusiast” on his proverbial resume.

He focused on two video series.

Rather than vlogging his daily life, Zac chose to create two video series. First, he launched “Off the Grid,” a travel series in which he and his brother Dylan embark on outdoor adventures, leaving their phones behind. This series inspired an upcoming Quibi show called Kill the Efrons.

Additionally, Zac invited viewers into the gym for his fitness series “Gym Time.” In this series, Zac trains and works out with other celebrities and creators. The episode featuring his Baywatch costar Alexandria Daddario is the most-viewed video on his channel.

His videos have a high production value.

Viewers are captivated by Zac’s videos not only because of the content, but also because of the high production value they bring to the table. Even though they’re technically vlogs, Zac’s videos seem like an exciting new reality TV show.

Zac’s videos are shot from various angles on high-quality equipment. Then, they’re edited with sharp cuts, cool graphics, and crisp sound. All of these elements combine to make a polished, professional video.

He uses other big-name creators in his video titles.

Zac doesn’t hide the names of his collab partners in his video descriptions. Rather, he puts the names of the fellow celebrities and creators featured in his videos right in the titles. He’s worked with NFl stars, models, and YouTubers.

Most often, he puts his collab partners’ names at the very front of the video title. For example, when he shot a video with Liza Koshy, her name was the first thing viewers saw. He even put her name in all caps to draw attention.

Zac Efron is passionate about travel and fitness. These passions outside of acting inspired him to start a successful YouTube channel of his very own.

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