How Sean Kingston Got Famous

Sean Kingston is a global music superstar with 4.38 million YouTube subscribers and billions of views.

Here are 4 lessons from his success.

1. Take action

You should be doing everything possible to reach the right people in your industry. For example, Sean Kingston was reaching out to 400 people PER DAY early on in his career and that’s how he got signed to Beluga Heights Records. Meaning he literally cold-spammed JR Rotem (founder of Beluga Heights Records) and got signed by them.

Thus, start reaching out via email or sending messages to relevant people who can take your career to the next level.

Photo by Tony Felgueiras

2. Be creative

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Sean Kingston heard “Stand by Me” on the radio during a car ride and instantly knew he had to sample it. He then created “Beautiful Girls” which now has 1.2 billion YouTube views. Thus, use everything you see and hear as inspiration for your content.

Photo by Fay

3. Go through the pain

Sean Kingston became homeless at 14 when his mom and sister were both imprisoned for tax evasion. He would sleep in bus shelters across the city just to survive while trying to make his music. Today, Sean Kingston is a celebrity. Thus, whatever pain or trouble you are going through, push through it. Don’t let anything break you.

Photo by Tony Felgueiras

4. Study old viral videos

Sean Kingston’s smash hit “Beautiful Girls” was inspired by the 1962 hit song “Stand by Me.” He borrowed elements like the beat, style, and even dance moves from the original. This approach of reinventing old hits and making them relevant to today is a proven method.

Thus, study old viral videos and try to reinvent them. Just make sure to get the relevant permissions first.

Photo by Tony Felgueiras

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