How Post Malone Got Famous

Post Malone is a global music star with 26.4 million YouTube subs and 2.3 billion views.

Here are 4 lessons from his success.

1. Work well with people

Post Malone moved to LA and formed a group called BLCKVRD with other musicians after he dropped out of college. Through BLCKVRD, he met producers like FKi 1st who helped produce his hit song ‘White Iverson,’ in 2015. Thus, remember to always be good to whoever you’re working with. Be a good partner. Whoever is helping you today, might be huge for your success in the near future.

Photo by Tore Saetre

2. Be optimistic

Post Malone got famous from just one piece of content. He had been creating music for 4 years when he posted his song ‘White Iverson’ on SoundCloud and it went viral. It got about 1 million streams in the first month which led to him being signed by Republic Records. Thus, stay optimistic because one piece of content can literally change your life.

Photo by Tore Saetre

3. Push through hard times

Post Malone gave up his bedroom and turned it into a studio to focus more on his music. He was able to do this by sleeping in the CLOSET. Imagine a singer who has a $50 million net worth sleeping in the closet. This is why you should prioritize success over comfort. Whatever hard times you are currently going through, push through them. Tough times don’t last.

Photo by TheComeUpShow

4. Use proper budget

You should always allocate proper budget to your videos. For example, Post Malone spent $5,000 to create the ‘White Iverson’ YouTube video which reached 1 BILLION views. This one video was a total career changer and made Post Malone a celebrity. Thus, whatever content you create, make sure to put proper budget towards the production so your videos are epic.

Photo by Peery McLeod

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