How PewDiePie Became The Biggest YouTuber Of All Time

Felix Kjellberg is a well-known personality who goes by PewDiePie in his videos. He used social media as a platform to become famous and achieve success.

Here’s how he became the biggest YouTuber of all time.

1. Video games helped expand his subscribers.

Felix played a variety of horror and violent games such as Call Of Duty, Minecraft, and Playthrough, which all generated millions of views.

This transpired more than years ago, which was an era where YouTube was just starting to get big. Therefore, you could say that he paved the way.

Check out PewDiePie’s first video.

2. Views started to become income.

It was understood that Felix made around 7.4 million dollars the following year, 2014. This was unheard of during a generation where personalities generated revenue substantially through television. This was a game changer, and that changed his life forever.

Here’s one of the videos that his viewers fell in love with.

3. He now reflects on his success.

Felix Kjellberg is now worth close to $124 million, and then money continues to roll in. The success he has achieved through gaming videos has now opened doors for him to make videos about giving advice to other YouTubers and speaking on the doubters who thought creating a YouTube channel was the end of the world for actors. In his latest video, he talks about these aspects.

Here’s the video.

For Youtube marketers like PewDiePie, try to realize what you want to pitch because that will make viewers want to subscribe to your channel. Once you figure this out, while being persistent, you should achieve the success you want.

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