How Mr. Beast Got 241 Million YouTube Subs

Jimmy Donaldson is only 25 years old and has a $500 million dollar net worth. You might know him from his YouTube channel MrBeast.

The channel was started on Feb 19, 2012, and has 241 million subscribers.

Here are 4 important lessons from Mr. Beast.

1. Don’t give up

Mr. Beast’s journey didn’t begin with instant fame. Starting with video game walkthroughs at the age of 12, he took 4 YEARS to cross 1,000 subscribers. Some creators would definitely quit if their growth were this slow. Thus, even if things take a long time, you have to keep moving forward.

Photo by Fidias

2. Try crazy things

Jimmy actually went viral when he spent 40 hours creating a crazy video of him counting to 100k. Yes, he literally sat there and counted EVERY number until he hit 100k. Imagine how painful it must have been to count numbers for 40 hours. This is why you must constantly innovate on content and work really hard to stand out.

Photo by Fidias

3. Be consistent

Mr. Beast has uploaded 777 YouTube videos since 2012. Thus, he released 5 videos EVERY MONTH for the past 12 years. Imagine if YOU release so much content and stay consistent. Always remember that the more videos you upload, the more successful you will be.

Photo by NickRewind

4. Catch trends

Jimmy frequently takes advantage of trends. For example, when the popular Netflix show Squid Games was taking over social media, Jimmy created his OWN version of Squid Games. That video currently has 579M YouTube views. Thus, make sure to capitalize on trends.

Photo by Fidias

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