How Jelly Roll Got Famous

Jelly Roll has 3.48M YouTube subscribers and 1.6B lifetime views.

Today he’s famous and was even in a Super Bowl commercial last month.

Here are 4 key lessons from his success.

1. You don’t need to be perfect

Jelly Roll is 6’1 and weighs around 350 pounds. He is a really big guy with all kinds of tattoos on his face. Thus, you DON’T need to fit some stereotype of a celeb. You can just be YOU and that’s enough as long as your content is amazing.

Jelly Roll on ‘CBS Sunday Morning

2. Change things up

Jelly was a rapper for many years and then switched to being a country music singer. That’s pretty drastic. Imagine how difficult it must be to TOTALLY change your niche. Thus, if things aren’t working for a long time, try changing things up.

3. Your past doesn’t matter

Jelly Roll has been to jail around 40 times for drug charges. His first arrest happened when he was just 14 years old. Yet, today he’s a famous country music singer. Thus, don’t worry about your past. Focus on your future.

4. One piece of content can change your life

For those of you who’ve been creating content for a long time, this should be inspiring. Jelly Roll released his first song in 2005 but got famous in 2021. That’s a 16-year journey. He released a song “Son of a Sinner” in 2021 which blew up and hit #1 on the Billboard country music chart.

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