How Jacksfilms Helped Define Internet Humor

Vlogger Jack Douglass boasts more than four million subscribers under the name jacksfilms. His channel caters to viewers who enjoy memes, inside jokes, and the satire of pop culture. Because so many viewers relate to his sense of humor, his videos are often at the top of the trending page.

Here’s how jacksfilms helped define internet humor.

He pokes fun at pop culture.

Many vloggers make videos about pop culture. They review movies, react to new music, or share their thoughts on celebrity gossip. Jack, however, takes a much different approach. Instead of praising pop culture, his videos poke fun at it.

For example, in the video below, Jack parodied reactions videos. While lots of other vloggers were sharing their reactions to a new Star Wars trailer, Jack made his own version.

He stays on top of trending topics.

Jack’s jokes wouldn’t land as strongly as they do if he didn’t stay on top of current trending topics. While he occasionally pokes fun at things that used to be popular, he mostly keeps his content current.

Jack is so good at keeping up with the trends, in fact, that he often drops a new video the same day that trend starts making headlines. When Apple announced the iPhone 11, Jack had a new video up in no time.

Much of his content relies on viewer submissions.

Jack built such a strong audience by inviting them to be an important part of the content he creates. His channel really gained traction with his “Your Grammar Sucks” series, in which viewers submitted examples of bad grammar from around the internet for Jack to correct.

Now, he primarily focuses on his “YIAY” series. For these videos, Jack asks his viewers a question on either YouTube or Twitter. Then, he puts the best answers into his next video.

Jacksfilms helped define internet humor by inviting his audience to play a part in it. With frequent, timely uploads, it’s no wonder Jack’s channel just keeps growing.

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