How DJ Khaled Earned 2 Million+ Vevo Subscribers

Social media has become the main path for aspiring artists to earn recognition for their talent and to gain a following. YouTube is one of the premier choices for many talented individuals to showcase their work to a vast audience. One artist who has become popular in recent years due to social media is music producer DJ Khaled.

Below are the reasons why DJ Khaled’s YouTube channel has earned more than two million subscribers.

1. DJ Khaled worked hard to develop his talents.

DJ Khaled is a premier music producer who has dropped quite a few hit tracks in the past decade. He primarily produces music in the rap or hip-hop genre. In most of the songs he produces, DJ Khaled has his name featured prominently in the credits.

Below is an example of him producing music and also taking part in it.

2. The other artists he works with have raised his own profile.

DJ Khaled has worked with many famous music artists, such as Lil Wayne and T-Pain, which has helped him become a well-known producer. The music he produces with various artists allows him to gain a following as well since he is credited with working on it.

Here’s a song he created with a popular artist.

3. DJ Khaled has impressive marketing skills and is active on social media.

DJ Khaled has become quite popular due to his social media presence, particularly Snapchat. He has successfully marketed himself in that his music is known across the globe. He has appeared in many public events and has also appeared on television and in movies such as a cameo in a commercial for Spiderman: Homecoming.

Below is an example of his marketing presence.

These are the reasons why DJ Khaled’s YouTube channel has earned over two million subscribers. His talent as a music producer and work with various artists have helped him to develop his own brand. His social media presence has helped him to market his music.

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