How “Despacito” Became A Top Hit

Luis Fonsi’s dance-worthy hit “Despacito” is still blaring from speakers all over the world. The song took the music charts by storm as the ultimate collaboration, resulting in something that listeners still can’t get enough of.

Here’s how “Despacito” became a top hit.

1. Luis released a song that he knew his target audience would love.

Luis Fonsi is a Latin pop artist. The original recording of “Despacito” was designed to please his largely Spanish-speaking audience. Since its January release, the music video has more than two billion views.

2. He remixed the song for a larger audience.

The global popularity of “Despacito” really hit when Justin Biever joined forces with Luis to release a remix of the song. Combining each star’s influence in his own genre launched a track that a huge audience kept playing on repeat and topping the charts for weeks.

3. He added collaborators to make the song even bigger.

When it comes to a really strong the collaboration, the more, the merrier. Luis worked with two other artists to create “Despacito.” Because all three artists represent three diverse audiences, their combined effort produced something that’s loved all across the globe.

Luis Fonsi’s “Despacito” is an international hit. By collaborating with two diverse artists, Luis created a global phenomenon.

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