How Demi Lovato Became A Pop Superstar

Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry” is currently climbing its way up the Billboard Hot 100. Her new album, Tell Me You Love Me, is set for a fall release. It’s safe to say that Demi is at the top of her game.

Here’s how Demi Lovato became a pop superstar.

1. She starred in a hit musical.

Demi’s career really took off when she starred in the Disney Channel original movie Camp Rock. She played a shy singer who found her voice at summer camp. Thanks to the movie’s musical framework, Demi was able to showcase her talent to a wide audience, many of whom still follow her career today.

2. She worked with influential artists in her genre.

Don’t Forget, Demi’s debut album, was largely a collaboration with her Camp Rock co-stars, the Jonas Brothers. At the time, the Jonas Brothers were one of the biggest names in pop music. They helped Demi write, record, and even perform the new tracks for her first album.

3. She allowed her music to mature as she did.

Demi’s current music isn’t the same as it was during her Disney days. Rather, she’s let her music evolve as she’s gotten older, exploring more mature themes and stronger lyrics. This has allowed her audience to grow with her rather than feeling “stuck” in one set of standards for her music.

Demi Lovato became a pop sensation when she starred in a Disney Channel musical. However, by allowing her music to mature with her, she’s cemented her place as a powerful name in pop.

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