Here is How Luke Combs Became a Country Music Star

Luke Combs is a 34 year old country music singer. He has 3,390,000 YouTube subscribers and billions of views.

Here are 3 important lessons from his success.

1. Don’t listen to doubters

Luke Combs auditioned for the Voice and was rejected. Meaning this singer who has 4.3 BILLION YouTube views and a $20 million net worth was rejected after auditioning for the Voice. Think how crazy that is.

Luke didn’t even make it on the show, they cut him off during the auditioning process (see here). In summary: ignore doubters who dont believe in your dream and vision.

Photo by Manuel Roma

2. Release all your content

Some creators release 1 piece of content that resonates so DEEP with fans that it goes viral. Luke Combs literally had 0 success and 0 recognition before he released his hit song “Hurricane.” The song just hit a nerve and sold 15,000 copies in its first week.

Even Luke mentioned that he doesn’t know WHY people love the song so much and why it blew up. This point is important for creators who DON’T release all their work. You should absolutely put out all of your content because you might be holding back something GREAT without even realizing it.

Photo by David Bergman

3. Ignore stereotypes

You DON’T need to fit some image of a superstar. You can be YOU and that is enough. For example, Luke Combs mentioned that he had some pushback in his career because he’s not what you consider a “pretty boy”. He is just an average looking, slightly overweight guy who likes to create content.

Thus, when you get pushback about your looks, ignore that. It’s just short minded people who dont realize that it’s all about the CONTENT and looking like an average person can actually be a benefit. Now people are saying that Luke Combs has the RELATABILITY factor since he looks like the average guy.

Photo by Clinton Brannen

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