Everything You Need To Know About YouTube’s Uploading Process Updates

Multitasking is one of the best ways to increase your efficiency as a content creator. However, some of the most time-consuming tasks, like waiting for your video to upload, don’t typically allow for multitasking, but that’s changing now. YouTube recently announced an update to its editing process that allows creators to edit certain video elements while the video is being processed.

Here’s everything you need to know about the updates to YouTube’s upload flow.

You can add or edit captions while your video is uploading.

Adding captions to a video can expand your audience more than you probably realize. Captions make your content more accessible, which means you can reach a ton of new viewers. They’re also great for search engine optimization because they contain keywords.

If you write scripts for your videos, then you can add captions easily by copying and pasting. Alternatively, you can upload a file or type your captions manually. You can also edit the auto captions, but they may take a while to appear.

You can also place mid-roll ads.

If your channel is monetized, then you can place mid-roll ads into your video while it’s uploading. A mid-roll ad break takes place somewhere in the middle of a video, as opposed to a pre-roll ad, which appears at the beginning. You can only place a mid-roll ad in a video that’s at least ten minutes long.

YouTube can set your mid-roll ads automatically, but this can lead to awkward or inconvenient ad placements. Instead you should place them manually at points in the video where there’s a natural pause or transition. Additionally, be sure not to go overboard and overload your video with mid-roll ads, which is a quick way to make viewers click out of your video.

Design your end screen and info cards while you wait.

While your video is being processed, you can start working on the end screen. To make your design more efficient, start with a template. Then, place a subscribe button and embed your previous upload. You can also link out to your merch store, blog, playlist, etc.

Finally, you can add info cards. These elements appear in the top right corner of a video as an “i.” Viewers can click on these cards to follow whatever links you’ve set. You should use info cards to direct viewers towards related videos and relevant playlists, which will keep them on your channel longer.

Maximize your efficiency by editing as many video elements as you can while your file uploads. Before you publish it, be sure to double-check any edits you’ve made to ensure your video is in tip-top condition.

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