Do This To Get More Views As Soon As You Upload

The YouTube video algorithm considers a lot of different factors when deciding which videos to promote. One of these factors is the traffic a video gets as soon as it goes live. The more views a video gets within its first hour on the platform, the higher its chances of success.

To get more views as soon as you upload, follow these steps.

Upload at the same time on the same day every week.

Consistency is another key factor in finding success with the YouTube algorithm. Uploading on the same day every week can help your channel gain a higher place within the algorithm. It also increases your dependability in the eyes of your audience because they’ll know when to expect your next upload.

If possible, you should also upload at the same time every week. The more consistent you can be, the better. That way, your uploads can become an integral part of your viewers’ routines. When they know you upload a new video every Friday evening at five, they’ll be on the lookout for a new video every Friday evening at five.

Reward viewers who turn on post notifications with special shout-outs.

“Don’t forget to ring the notification bell!” should be part of your call-to-action. Clicking the notification bell turns on post notifications for your channel. When viewers turn on your post notifications, they’ll receive a push notification every time you upload.

Encourage more viewers to turn on your post notifications by rewarding them with special shout-outs. In your call-to-action, ask them to click the bell and comment below once they’d done so. Then, in your next video, shout-out a few subscribers who commented.

Utilize the Premieres feature to gather an audience before your video goes live.

The Premieres feature creates a watch page for your next upload, encouraging viewers to gather and watch the new video together. It puts a live chat and a countdown as well, which can generate a lot of hype. You can even join your viewers on the watch page and chat with them to really get them excited.

Rather than setting an instant Premiere, schedule a Premiere for your next video. Once you upload the video file, select “Schedule” under the publish tab. Enter a date and time, then click on “Set as Premiere.” Don’t forget to select the final “Schedule” button to save your choices!

Don’t offer early video access as a perk to Channel Members or Patrons.

A lot of creators use crowdfunding programs like Channel Memberships or Patreon to support their channels. Early video access is a popular perk, but it can hurt your video by decreasing the number of early views. As your most loyal fans, your supporters are the most likely to watch your videos as soon as they go live. However, if you’ve already given them early access, then they won’t need to watch your new video when it goes public.

Instead, offer different exclusive video perks. You might create a behind-the-scenes video or a compilation of outtakes. You could also share an extended version of your new video the day after the original is uploaded, or you might offer a version with commentary. You might even make daily vlogs or extra quick videos for your supporters.

In order to get more views as soon as you upload, focus on getting more subscribers to turn on post notifications. You should also utilize the Premieres feature and keep your upload times consistent.

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