How to Create Your Image as a New Musician

Your mother probably made sure you had on a clean shirt and pants before you ran out the door, embarking on whatever adventure. The simplicity of paying attention to image can have a huge impact on how people respond to you. When trying to figure out your image, here are a few things to consider.

Groom and Express Yourself

Although everyone finds a certain type of “person” appealing, it’s important to be yourself. That could mean having tattoos from your neck down to your toes, like rapper Wiz Khalifa, or keeping a little stubble like Ed Sheeran, or possibly shaving the sides of your head and rocking teal blue hair like Halsey. These artist are unapologetically themselves, as you should be. Uniqueness will attract people and music will keep them engaged.

Halsey blue hair wiz khalifa

Find Your Clothing Style

Everyone has a style to inherently abide by. The important thing is to find that style and stick with it. One Direction debuted with preppy, collared shirts and a sweater look with their first album. Now with the end of that album, we see Harry Styles take on a Mick Jagger look and Zayn work with mainly dark colors. Both have left the clean school-boy look behind.

harry styles

Show Your Values in Music Videos

Many styles develop out of personalities and so do music videos. There are musicians who have very fun, easy-going music videos and others that challenge themselves with hefty topics. Hozier is someone who usually does not have a light-hearted topic to sing about. His music video for “Cherry Wine” is dark and brooding like his style. Meanwhile, Halsey’s video for “New Americana” addresses rebellion and freedom.

Keep image in mind as you gain more momentum in your music career. Behavior weaves into your style as seamlessly as your music does. Good behavior can only help boost your image.

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