A Definitive Guide To Every Way You Can Make Money On YouTube

Many creators make a full-time living through YouTube. The platform offers several different monetization features, all of which have different requirements. By utilizing every feature you’re eligible for, you can increase your income as a content creator.

Take a closer look at every way you can make money on YouTube.

Earn ad revenue through the YouTube Partner Program.

Ad revenue is the most common way creators earn money on YouTube. When your channel is monetized, companies can pay to place ads before and within your videos. The more ads there are on your channel, the more money you earn.

In order to monetize your channel, you have to join the YouTube Partner Program. To qualify, your channel must have at least a thousand subscribers as well as four thousand hours of public watch time within the last twelve months. Additionally, you as a user must be over eighteen years old and be located in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is available.

Your videos themselves must comply with YouTube’s monetization policies, which you can find here. You’ll also need to link your AdSense account. If you’re ready to apply for the YouTube Partner Program, follow the instructions in the video below.

Get a share of revenue from YouTube Premium.

Users who want to enjoy YouTube without the ads can subscribe to YouTube Premium, which works likes a Netflix subscription. YouTube Premium revenue is virtually the same process as earning ad revenue. Whenever a YouTube Premium subscriber watches a video on your channel, you’ll earn money. The revenue you receive comes from that viewer’s subscription fee.

In order to receive YouTube Premium revenue, you must be part of the YouTube Partner Program. The requirements are the same as they are for ad monetization. You’ll only earn YouTube Premium revenue from videos that are also monetized under the Advertiser-Friendly Content Guidelines.

Monetize your live streams with Super Chat and Super Stickers.

You can earn money from live streams as well as videos. When you stream using YouTube Live, you can enable Super Chat and Super Stickers in your live chat. With these features, viewers can pay to send premium messages that are highlighted in the chat. They can also be enabled on Premieres.

To enable Super Chat and Super Stickers, your channel must already be monetized. Similar to the initial YouTube Partner Program requirements, you must be at least eighteen and located in a country where the feature is available. Super Chat and Super Stickers cannot be enabled on any stream that’s private, unlisted, age-restricted, or labeled “Made for Kids.”

Promote your merchandise with Merch Shelf.

A lot of creators support themselves through merchandise sales. If you have an online store, you probably promote it in your call-to-action or link it in your end screens. However, if you have at least ten thousand subscribers, then you might be eligible for the Merch Shelf feature, which showcases your merch directly below your videos.

Only channels that are not labeled “Made for Kids” are eligible. Additionally, only certain merch retailers are supported. You can find the full list of supported retailers here. If you don’t have a retailer yet, try setting up your store through Teespring, which was originally the only retailer supported by Merch Shelf.

Crowdfund with your fans by enabling Channel Memberships.

Channel Memberships function like the crowdfunding platform Patreon. Fans pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to exclusive content, such as extra videos, badges, or special emojis. These members-only perks encourage your most dedicated fans to offer their financial support.

The eligibility requirements for Channel Memberships are a lot stricter than the previously mentioned monetization features. Your channel must have at least thirty thousand subscribers, unless you’re a gaming creator. Gaming channels are only required to have a thousand subscribers.

Additionally, your channel cannot be labelled “Made for Kids,” and you can’t have a significant number of ineligible videos. Your content could be deemed ineligible for having either a “Made for Kids” label or a music claim.

The more your channel grows, the more opportunities you have for monetization. Focus on increasing your subscriber count so you can utilize more of YouTube’s monetization features.

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