7 Ways To Release Music On Vinyl

Hand-in-hand with the ironic popularity of the hipster lifestyle is the rising popularity of vinyl records. Indie and popular artists alike are jumping to release their latest hits on vinyl. Because of the great deal of equalization required to master a song for vinyl, a professional record presser is the right choice. Here are seven companies that will help you release music on vinyl.

1. Vinylify

This Amsterdam-based record pressing company hand-cuts its records right in their Netherland stores . Users upload music files directly to the site and create custom cover art using one of the provided templates. Each 10” record costs a little over $50, plus international shipping rates.

2. Gotta Groove Records

Gotta Groove Records prides itself on being the only fully vertically integrated record manufacturing operation available. It is a one-stop shop for mastering, production, and distribution. Gotta Groove Records only sells its vinyls in mass quantities, but it offers many different packages. For example, 100 12” records would cost $1005.

3. Vinyl-Pressing.com

This site can produce one-off records or do a small run. It can also use any music source. Orders are processed completely online. Prices start at about $25 per record.

4. Custom Records

Custom Records makes one-off records and prints their sleeves. It also offers certain special records, such as gold award records or black display records. Turnaround time is typically three days for processing and three days for delivery. Prices vary from $30-300.

5. Alpha Vinyl Record Pressing Inc.

This company presses records for customers worldwide. It can do either short or long runs, and all record labels are printed in full color. Alpha Vinyl Records Pressing Inc. has over 30 years of experience. The company must be contacted for a quote.

6. Erika Records

Erika Records is a longstanding name in record manufacturing industry. It has pressed records for artists such as Elvis Presley, Bon Jovi, and Michael Jackson. This California-based company prides itself in excellent customer service. Records must be ordered in large quantities, making the unit price of each individual record less than $5.

7. United Record Pressing, LLC

United Record Pressing, LLC has recently expanded, though it originated in Nashville in 1949. This historic record pressing company even offers tours of its facilities. Prices vary based on quantity and style. Quotes can be obtained online.

Releasing music on vinyl is a new step that many independent artists are taking. Records sales are the result of both nostalgic audiences and a growing niche market. Purchase a few records of your own to sell at shows or online to take advantage of this reinvented way that your listeners are getting their music.

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