5 Ways to Attract People With Merchandise

Are you running out of ideas with what type of merchandise to sell at your next event? Are sales not doing as well as you had hoped? Here are a few interesting ways to get creative when it comes to your merchandise:

 Use Cassettes Tapes and Vinyl


Make a limited quantity of your album presented in the form of a vinyl or cassette. This will give off the impression that your music is a novelty and even bring back the old Rock & Roll vibes between you and your fan.  The nostalgia you’ll bring to your folks of the appropriate age will definitely make them keepers.

Use Incense, Lighters or Cigarette Papers


Well, this type of merchandise depends on your rock band. If it’s a reggae/ska/punk or any of those sorts of jam bands, this type of merchandise would go hand in hand with your music. This will make you a lot more unique rather than just sticking to the traditional stickers or badges.

Connect Your Merch With Your Music


Have a song about coffee and cigarettes? How about you transform your merchandise table, buy a few set of mugs customized with your band’s logo with a lyric or two that wraps around the coffee cup. Or maybe you have a song that talks about an ex. You can print out a fun customized “ex-boyfriend/girlfriend burn book” if you’re singing to a younger crowd.

Turn Your Album Cover Art Into Art You Can Hang On Your Wall


Actually, that’s something  that people would love to buy from a band thats dear to them. Creative albums such as Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” has produced countless merchandise items,  posters being the most popular. Nowadays, album art has only gotten more and more creative, so there’s no doubt that a fan of yours might put in a few bucks to decorate (or better yet, improve) their room with your awesome art.

Make Your Fans’ Wishes Come True


Lastly, you can never go wrong with maybe posting up on your social media or blog any suggestions for your merchandise. A simple “If you could buy any type of merchandise from us, what would you buy? “  can work. You might be surprised with the responses. Get ready for random (most likely funny), cool, or even weird new suggestions. But hey, not only will your products gain more variety, but you’ll definitely make your fans happy! Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, no matter how weird it sounds. It’s human nature to be intrigued by the odd or unusual, so get to working and surprise your fans with your new merchandise!

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Michelle Aguilar has a strong passion and love for music – and it’s history. She enjoys reading literary books, dancing, trip-hop/indie venues, working on her blog, and digging up new music.

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